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Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 Ranked DCI Leader Again by GlobalData

May 11, 2023

The latest Data Center Interconnect: Competitive Landscape Assessment by GlobalData ranked Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 as a leader in architecture, performance, modularity, client-port capacities, line interfaces, transport features, and network management. After its release, the product was ranked leader for two consecutive times by GlobalData."Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 features leading platform capacity and density, as well as support for electrical and optical modules in the same box, making it applicable for a wide range of use cases," said Emir Halilovic, Principal Analyst of GlobalData.In 2020, digitalization has become an urgent need, and data mobility drives enterprise productivity. Data surge brought by emerging applications (such as live streaming, e-commerce, online education, and telecommuting), should not be overlooked. To handle these challenges, a DCI network that features high bandwidth and reliability, fast service provisioning, and easy O&M is required. Such a network will enhance an enterprise's ability to respond to emergencies, improve their level of innovation, and grasp new opportunities. Meanwhile, the solution also provides methods for enterprises to effectively cut DCI costs (such as footprint, electricity, and fiber leasing).Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 is built on Huawei's DWDM technologies and the company's expertise in data centers, IT, and intelligent algorithms. According to the GlobalData DCI equipment rating standard, the product is competitive in:Architecture, performance, and modularity:The device throughput reaches 12.8 Tbit/s, and 1 Gbit/s data transmission consumes less than 0.13 W of power. Meanwhile, the optical layer and electrical layer can be integrated in one box.All modules are hot-swappable that can be replaced within 15s.All system boards support 1+1 redundancy, delivering system-level flexibility and availability for data centers.Client-port capacities:It is compatible with various service interfaces (ETH, FC, SDH, and OTN) and access modules (QSFP+, QSFP28, QSFP-DD, SFP+, and SFP28), tailoring its application for different industries.Line interfaces:The maximum speed can peak at 800 Gbit/s per wavelength, with 100 Gbit/s to 800 Gbit/s programmable capacity.Transport features:With the exclusive Super C+L band technology, it can achieve 220 wavelengths with standard 50 GHz spacing, with a maximum capacity updated from 48 Tbit/s to 88 Tbit/s, meeting the needs for the next decade.Network management:With an innovative AI-powered network management system, Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 implements the world's first DCI solution with intelligent and proactive O&M, fiber fault prediction, co-bundling fiber-cable detection, and accurate root cause analysis, thereby ensuring service availability.The simplified optical-layer design and network-level WebGUI (Web Graphic User Interface) enable fast deployment and service commissioning within 8 minutes, requiring no professional skills.Just a year after its launch, Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 won global acclaim. In April 2020, it was the only award winner in the DCI field at Interop Tokyo. The solution has been successfully deployed in over 50 countries across five continents, covering ISP/OTT, finance, government, education, energy, and manufacturing customers in China, West Europe, Japan, and Singapore ,etc. Furthermore, OptiXtrans series have been deployed by over 4000 customers in 158 countries and regions, nurturing digital transformation across various industries."Huawei will strive to boost the innovation of Huawei OptiXtrans product series and partner with global enterprises to guide DCI networks into an ultra-broadband, simplified, and intelligent era," said Kim Jin, President of Huawei Enterprise Transmission and Access Network Domain.

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Architecture, performance, and modularity: Client-port capacities: Line interfaces: Transport features: Network management: