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InfoComm 2023: 5 New Products to See in Orlando

Mar 11, 2023

Today, we look at innovations from K-array, RGB Spectrum, Kordz, D-Tools, and Luxul.

Get ready. InfoComm 2023 is a mere week away. We'll do our best to keep you up to date with all the products and news information ahead of time. Today, take a look at three exhibitors bringing some audio solutions to check out, as well as a couple of more booths you need to see.

[InfoComm 2023: 'No Stopping Us Now']

At Booth 4981, K-array will launch its latest technology in the form of a fully connected software suite. These new software offerings are designed to complement K-array's cutting-edge hardware and enhance the user experience of professionals across the audio industry.

To provide users with convenient access to system design tools and controls, K-array has developed a suite of design and configuration software to interact with their products. Firstly, K-FRAMEWORK is an offline software designed for 3D simulation and amplifier configuration. This application enables advanced users to simulate room coverage and then configure the amplifiers associated with the desired loudspeakers.

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To further simplify the installation process and streamline network management for users, K-array also offers the K-CONNECT mobile app. Available for iOS and Android devices, K-CONNECT streamlines the access procedure by allowing users to connect to any K-array amplifier hotspot with a simple scan of the QR code. The app offers seamless browsing and modification of settings with a simplified user interface.

On-site, more experienced practitioners can use the new K-array web app, offering a comprehensive general configuration of systems. For technical assistance during commissioning and for ongoing monitoring, K-array introduces K-MONITOR. This software offers efficient discovery tools.

The launch of these user-focused software solutions is part of K-array's wider initiative to offer a fully connected suite of services for design, configuration, control and monitoring. K-array amplifiers already benefit from a dedicated operating system (OsKar), and a third-party control API with plug-ins available for major control platforms including Q-SYS and Crestron. They have gone one step further by launching a dedicated developer platform, enabling developers to create apps to further extend the functionality of K-array amplifiers. The first service built on this platform is Dante Ready, allowing users to add Dante audio networking channels on demand.

RGB Spectrum will be showcasing its new Zio D2100 Series H.264/H.265 decoders at Booth 3420. The new decoders are compact, full-featured units for critical IP signal distribution.

The Zio D2100 Series decoders are available in 2K and 4K models with 4k60 output. Additionally, the feature five key enhancements:

Zio is the backbone of RGB Spectrum's decision support system, providing powerful real-time audio and video distribution across packet-based networks—including local area networks (LANs), wide-area networks (WANs), virtual private networks (VPNs), and mobile networks.

Fully compatible with all other Zio models, the D2100 Series allows users to build comprehensive AV-over-IP solutions quickly – for example, combining Zio S5000 encoders, Zio V3000 multiviewers, and Zio R4000 media servers, and Zio W4000 wall processors and the Zio Mobile App to connect with phones. The possibilities are endless.

As an open standards-based platform, Zio is compatible with third-party equipment and RGB Spectrum's full offerings: encoders, decoders, media servers, multiviewers, and video walls.

Now available in both Kordz PRO and PRS ranges are passive 4K and 8K HDMI cables measuring up to 29.5 feet (9 meters). This is a significant increase from the common 5-meter length of most passive 4K and 8K HDMI cables. In addition to nearly doubling signal transmission distance, Kordz's new 4K PRO3-HD and 8K PRS4-HD passive HDMI cables simplify installation for systems integrators, due in part to the absence of active electronics. These and other Kordz cabling solutions make their InfoComm 2023 debut at the Future Ready Solutions Booth 3454.

Now the AV industry's longest Ultra High Speed certified 8K passive HDMI cable designed for professional integrators at 29.5 feet (9 meters), the PRS4-HD delivers 48G and is also available from 1.6 feet (0.5 meters) up to new 23 feet (7 meters). The PRO3-HD 4K passive HDMI cable delivers 18G and supports 4K HFR from 0.5 meters up to new 7 meters and 9 meters.

The extra length of both the PRO3-HD and PRS4-HD HDMI cable affords systems integrators greater installation flexibility, and the absence of active electronics that can break down over time enhances performance reliability and longevity. Systems integrators gain the confidence and peace of mind of HDMI cabling that supports current AV technology and can withstand the frequent and prolonged bending that happens; for example, when a connected TV extends and swivels on an articulating bracket. Unlike active HDMI cable which has been affected by a global shortage in chipsets, the passive PRO3-HD and PRS4-HD cables are readily available.

D-Tools unveils to InfoComm 2023 attendees at Booth 2217 System Integrator (SI) version 20 and the addition of a Service Management Suite to its Cloud-based software platform. The SI V20 release brings advanced features to enhance project cost estimation, security through Azure Active Directory integration, and user management. The new Service Management Suite empowers integrators with greater recurring revenue opportunities and workflow efficiency.

The availability of both on-premises solution through SI v20 and an off-premises cloud-based management system affords systems integrators a choice for every application.

D-Tools Cloud Service Management Suite Expands SaaS Platform for Integrators

The new addition enables systems integrators to create, sell, and manage service plans with ease and efficiency. Service plans generate recurring revenue opportunities for integrators while improving the client experience. As part of the service offering, service plans can be designed in advance or configured on-the-fly and presented as an option on a project proposal or sold as a separate contract. Whether issued against a service agreement or as a one-off service call, service orders offer users the ability to schedule resources, document the problem found and work performed, track their time, invoice, and even collect payment right on-site all from a mobile device.

Key features of D-Tools Cloud Service Management Suite include service plans and agreements; service call management; resource scheduling; and request and collect payment.

The Newest Generation of D-Tools System Integrator (SI), version 20

D-Tools also demonstrates System Integrator (SI) version 20, which provides a suite of powerful new sales, project and field service capabilities to improve operating efficiency for systems integration businesses. SI v20 supports integration with Azure Active Directory (AAS), which provides Single Sign-On and enhanced security. Also implemented to help systems integrators drive productivity and boost bottom-line results are improvements to Pricing and Labor, including the ability to add multiple vendors and labor types to products; Purchasing and Field Service management; and the performance of features including projects, tasks, checklists, workflow rules, and more.

Luxul will officially debut its new lineup of SW Series PoE+ AV switches in the Legrand | AV Booth 2201. The eight new managed switches allow systems integrators to quickly set up, install, and manage any AV-over-IP (AVoIP) infrastructure with enough PoE+ to power many network devices. In addition, the company will present on a range of networking topics as part of Legrand | AV's daily manufacturer's training sessions.

All eight models feature powerful PoE+ budgets ranging from 130W to 740W and come in a variety of port-counts from eight all the way up to 48 PoE+ ports with rear and front port orientation options. They're ideal for supporting reliable, 24/7 display operation in conference rooms, small offices, or other AVoIP applications. The new Luxul managed PoE+ gigabit switches set the foundation for reliable networking products coming in the future and will begin shipping in the fall 2023.

A three-year warranty and lifetime support is offered with every switch through Luxul's Customer Assurance Program (CAP). CAP provides dealers with certified wired and wireless network designs for their commercial and residential projects—complete with tech support—that are guaranteed to meet their customers' reliability and performance requirements relating to Wi-Fi.

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