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Fiber Optic 300m 10g 850nm Single Mode Dual Fiber Transceiver SFP 10g Sr Module

Fiber Optic 300m 10g 850nm Single Mode Dual Fiber Transceiver SFP 10g Sr Module

Fiber Optic 300m 10G 850nm Single Mode Dual Fiber Transceiver SFP 10G SR Module WAREX's WXP-CXX192-EL40D is a very compa;
Basic Info
Model NO. SFP 10G SR
Type Fiber Transceiver
Wiring Devices Integrated Wiring
Certification CE, ISO, RoHS
Condition New
Information Content Data
Support Network Ethernet
Model Number SFP+-Er-40
Commercial Temperature Range 0 to 70°c (32 to 158°f)
Max Data Rate 10g
Power Supply 3.3V
Protocols Msa Compliant
Max Cable Distance 300m
Connector Type LC
Wavelength 850nm
Transport Package Carton
Trademark FIBCONET
Origin Carton
HS Code 8517706000
Production Capacity 80000pieces/Month
Product Description

Fiber Optic 300m 10G 850nm Single Mode Dual Fiber Transceiver SFP 10G SR Module
WAREX's WXP-CXX192-EL40D is a very compact 10Gb/s optical transceiver module for serial optical communication applications at 10Gb/s.The WXP-CXX192-EL40D converts a 10Gb/s serial electrical data stream to 10Gb/s optical output signal and a 10Gb/s optical input signal to 10Gb/s serial electrical data streams.The high speed 10Gb/s electrical interface is fully compliant with SFI specification.The high performance 1470~1610nm CWDM EML transmitter and high sensitivity PIN receiver provide superior performance for Ethernet applications at up to 40km links.

· 10GBASE-ER/EW 10G Ethernet
· 40km 10G Fibre Channel
· SONET OC-192 IR-2/3,SDH STM S-64.2/3b,ITU-T G.709
· Other optical link

· Supports 9.95 to 11.3Gb/s bit rates
· Hot-pluggable XFP footprint
· Cooled 1550nm EML laser ,PIN photo-detector
· Applicable for 40km SMF connection
· Low power consumption, <2.0W
· Digital Diagnostic Monitor Interface
· Operating case temperature: Commerical:0 to 70 °C,Industrial:-40 to 85°C

Aboslut Maximum Ratings

Storage TemperatureTS-40 +85°C
Case Operating TemperatureTA0 70°C
Maximum Supply VoltageVcc-0.5 4V
Relative HumidityRH0 85%

Electrical Characteristics (TOP = 0 to 70 °C, VCC = 3.135 to 3.465 Volts)
Supply VoltageVcc3.135 3.465V
Supply CurrentIcc 500mA
Power ConsumptionP 1.8W
Transmitter Section:
Input differential impedanceRin 100 Ω1
Tx Input Single Ended DC Voltage Tolerance (Ref VeeT)V-0.3 4V
Differential input voltage swingVin,pp180 700mV2
Transmit Disable VoltageVD2 VccV3
Transmit Enable VoltageVENVee Vee+0.8V
Receiver Section:
Single Ended Output Voltage ToleranceV-0.3 4V
Rx Output Diff VoltageVo300 850mV
Rx Output Rise and Fall TimeTr/Tf30 ps4
LOS FaultVLOS fault2 VccHOSTV5
LOS NormalVLOS normVee Vee+0.8V5

Optical Parameters(TOP = 0 to 70°C, VCC = 3.135 to 3.465 Volts)
Transmitter Section:
Center Wavelengthλcλ-6.5 λ+6.5nm
spectral width△λ 1nm
Average Optical PowerPavg-1 +4dBm1
Laser Off PowerPoff -30dBm
Extinction RatioER8.2 dB
Transmitter Dispersion PenaltyTDP 3.2dB2
Relative Intensity NoiseRin -128dB/Hz3
Optical Return Loss Tolerance 20 dB
Receiver Section:
Center Wavelengthλr1260 1620nm
Receiver Sensitivity (OMA)Sen -16dBm4
Stressed Sensitivity (OMA)SenST -14dBm4
Los AssertLOSA-27 -dBm
Los DessertLOSD -17dBm
Los HysteresisLOSH0.5 dB
OverloadSat0 dBm5
Receiver ReflectanceRrx -12dB

Fiber Optic 300m 10g 850nm Single Mode Dual Fiber Transceiver SFP 10g Sr Module

Fiber Optic 300m 10g 850nm Single Mode Dual Fiber Transceiver SFP 10g Sr Module

Starting with the Copper age in 1992, FIBCONET has gone through nearly 18 years in the fiber optic communication area.
Now FIBCONET has 3 manufacturing centers, Ningbo, Guizhou, and Northeast China, covering more than 10,000 sqm,
owning 800 well-trained staff and engineers, reaching the production capacity of PLC Splitter in 300,000 pcs and fiber optical
connectors in 10 million pcs per month. As the national high-tech enterprise, FIBCONET also strives for more efforts in innovation.
50 patents, 15 invention patents have been attained.

FIBCONET focus on the fiber optical components, such as PLC splitter,
patch cord, adapter, connectors, etc. Especially for the PLC splitter, can work in an extremely cold environment, even in the -50
centigrade degree, like in Russia, FIBCONET's PLC can still help transmit the optical signal very well, And if you hope to get the
0.1 dB for insert loss on your connectors, which is hard for the regular production, FIBCONET also can reach you.

FIBCONET supplies goods all over the world through trading companies and agents, like Corning in the USA, Vodafone in Europe,
Furukawa in Japan., etc. ISO9001, Rohs, and TLC certificates have already been approved by the market and our customers.
With the new corporate vision: To be the top supplier for the fiber optical components, "Keep connecting" is our Motto, not only means
that we produce the connectors and connect the fiber optic equipment, but also connect with the new technology, connect with every
FIBCONET person connects with our customers worldwide.
1. Are you a manufacturer or trade company?
We are the manufacturer with nearly 20 years' history.

2. What is your fiber brand ?
Our fiber brand include : YOFC, Corning, Fiber Home, J-fiber, POFC

3. What is your main product ?
Our main product is Fiber Optic Connector, Fiber Optic Adapter, Fiber Optic Attenuator, Fiber Optic Patch Cord and Fiber Terminal Box, except that, we have very good prices for part of fiber tools!

4. How can we place order?
After we made agreement on the product parameters, we will make proforma invoice for your confirmation, when we got your advance payment (deposit) we will arrange the production and delivery. If you have your own ship forwarder, we will use your ship forwarder to delivery goods; if you don't have ship forwarder, we can ship them by our agent shipping company which can offer very competitive freight cost!

5. What is the quality for your product?
All of our product are with high quality, we promise 100% recall policy if they are unqualified, we can write it into our contract!

6. How do you arrange the shipping?
Solution A: FIBCONET take care of everything. Clients only need to collect cargo in local or wait cargo delivery to their office. There are two types of shipping methods available, by sea and by air (Express courier - FedEx/ DHL/UPS/TNT/EMS, we can ship them according to your express account or ship them by our agent company, the delivery time is about four days).
Solution B: Clients assign a Shenzhen logistic company to do the shipping, FIBCONET follow the company's instructions and finish the shipping.

7. How can you guarantee the delivery time?
1. To avoid the delay, we have built a complete and professional procedure system from production to the deliver and have rich experience. We can regulate the penalty clause in the contract for the late delay.

8. What's your best price for your passive fiber optic product?
Based on the quality of our products and the quantity of your estimated. We would quote the great best matching price all the time.

9. What is your quality control for your fiber optic product ?
1. Source Guarantee. We have our own long-term cooperation raw material suppliers. All the products are ROHS certificated and satisfy exporting quality level demand.
2. Quality Test. It runs through the whole process from the raw material to finished product, such as package, surface, physical test, optical test. They are 100% tested.
3. Optical Test. Our products are strictly tested in accordance with IEC and ITU standard.
4. We have 30% spot test by Quality Assurance Department after the products finished.

10. Why choose FIBCONET Fiber Optic to cooperate?
1. We have first-class production line and strict quality management system.
2. We have professional procedure system and big production capacity to guarantee fast delivery and on time shipment.
3. We can provide the most competitive price to meet your budget.
4. We also design and innovate the new products based on our rich experience .
5. We have professional team to provide comprehensive one-stop service for you.

Please always feel free to contact us for any questions, it's our honor to be on service of you
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